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Creating Content

Workvivo supports a diverse variety of content types that serve to engage and inform your audience every day! 

Content Creation

These are the content types that you can curate and publish on the platform:

Type Description
rich text format - text, images, videos, links
text, images, external links
text, images, videos, GIFs, file attachments
Goals / Value Updates
text, images, videos, GIFsfile attachments (updates and shout-outs can be tagged to a value / goal)
Shout-outs text, images, videos, GIFsfile attachments
text, images, videos, GIFs, file attachments
Updates with External Content 

text, images, videos, file attachments, links to external content
Questions & Answers
text, images, videosfile attachments
Space Documents
rich text format  - text, images, videos, links, file attachments
mp4 files uploaded or imported via RSS feeds

Content such as updates can be scheduled easily through our Scheduled Posts capability, available to Admins and Editors. 

Check out our Scheduled Post article for more info.

Content can be promoted through:

  • Pinned Posts - Admins and Editors can pin posts to the top of the activity feed for a specified period of time or indefinitely to improve the readership, see here for more info
  • A force push notification e.g. Sending Critical Messages

Automated Content

The Workvivo system can also generate celebratory posts if the required info is provided by you. These are:

  • Welcome Wednesday posts
  • Work Anniversary posts
  • Birthday posts

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