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Managing Content

As a Communications Manager or Content Lead, you can easily schedule, manage and promote content on the Workvivo platform to make sure it reaches its audience.

Device(s): Desktop and Mobile

Roles / Permissions: Admins and Editors

Scheduling Content

Content such as updates can be scheduled easily through our Scheduled Posts capability, available to Admins and Editors. 

Check out out Scheduled Post article for more info.

Editing Content

Only the creator can edit their post. An Admin cannot currently edit a colleague's post such as changing the audience for example.

When editing a post, a user has every option they had when creating the post except for:

  1. you can't add or edit a poll as this could compromise the integrity of the poll
  2. you can't convert an update to a shout-out or vice versa

Promoting Content

Content can be promoted through:

  • Pinned Posts - Admins and Editors can pin posts to the top of the activity feed for a specified period of time or indefinitely to improve the readership, see here for more info
  • A force push notification e.g. Sending Critical Messages

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