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Navigating Workvivo on Desktop

The look and feel of Workvivo on Desktop should feel similar to other platforms you use every day. There are many different sections within Workvivo that all users can navigate through with ease.

Why not take a tour:

Activity Feed

The Activity Feed is a live feed of updates, images and videos that are posted from people across the organization. It can be accessed by clicking "Activity" on the top navigation bar.


Spaces are micro-communities or interest groups within Workvivo.  Content posted to your spaces also appears in your personal activities feed, providing a highly personal experience.

Viewing Spaces

To explore Spaces on Desktop you must click the Spaces Icon on the top navigation bar. You will see all spaces which have been created. Clicking ‘My Spaces’ from the menu on the right will show you all the spaces you have Joined. You can view spaces by selecting different categories.

Space Search

It is possible to search for a particular Space by typing your search criteria into the search bar on the left.

Join a Space

To join a public space you must Open the Space and click "Join Space". Note you can also be invited to join a space.


To access the News section on desktop you must select the news icon on the top navigation bar. 


  • Under the Latest News section, you can access all recent and historical news articles that were published to a global audience, your team(s) and space(s) you're a member of. You can open any article to read it and like or comment on it.
  • You may also see a Featured Podcast and can open the podcast library by clicking "Browse Podcasts".
  • On the right hand side, you will also see the Events section displaying upcoming events for Everyone / your team(s) / your space(s). 
  • You can also change the tab to view past events. You can click into individual events to see their full content and like and comment on them.


To navigate to  your company's people directory you must click the People icon on the top navigation bar.

Here you can see the following: 

  • People
  • Teams
  • Organization Chart (optional)

There is also a section showing which badges are available.

For more information on how to use the People Directory go to this article.

Goals / Values

Values or Goals are the purposes of the organisation. You can tag content to these values. This reminds people of the values and shows evidence of what is being done in the organisation that is linked to their values. It improves employee engagement by linking people emotionally to these values. 

To see  your organisations goals you can click the goals icon on the top navigation bar.

You can click on a particular goal to view content that was posted on Workvivo linked to that goal.


The Analytics section is only visible to system Administrators. It can be accessed in the user menu by selecting Analytics.

Here you can view the Analytics dashboard and view custom reports. For more detail on our Analytics check out this section.

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