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Auto-translations of Articles

Celebrate a diverse employee network and ensure that people have the ability to consume content in the language of their choice!

Device(s): Desktop for setup, Desktop or Mobile for viewing translations

Roles / Permissions: Admins, Editors, Article Editors, Space Owners/Admins can add machine translations to articles

Auto-Translation Technology

Workvivo uses the Amazon Text Translation service to support on-screen translations on our platform (web and mobile app). Amazon Translate uses advanced machine learning technologies to provide high-quality translation on demand. 

The full list of languages for the Amazon service are available here. Please note that the Workvivo engineering team must complete an exercise when a new language appears in Amazon's list. The addition is not instantaneous so please let us know if a translation doesn't appear to be supported in Workvivo yet.

Adding a Machine Translation

With Workvivo's article translation feature, readers can now consume articles in their native language!

Translations can be added to an article at the time of publishing, either through Workvivo's machine translations or handwritten by the author.

To add a machine-translation:

  • Create a New Article
  • Click "Add Translation"
  • From the pop-up window, choose the desired language(s)
  • Once selected, the languages will appear in the ‘Switch Translation’ drop down box – this will kick off a job to start translating the content

In this example, we have selected French and Spanish as the desired translations.

The article will translate in the background. This typically takes 15 minutes. The Author will receive a notification when the translations have completed. (Email notifications must be enabled for your oirganization for the Author to receive these).

Top tip: We recommend waiting until all of the desired translations are available before publishing your article.

Once published, users can open the article and swap between the different translations easily  using the drop-down.

Viewing Translations

Regardless of the number of translations available, your article will appear just once on user activity feeds. 

For English language devices, the article will show in English, for French language devices it will show in French and so on. 

If there are additional translations available under the drop-down list, the user can choose to read the article in another language.

Note: You can choose to publish your article before the machine translation job has finished, however, bear in mind that users will not be able to read it in the translation language until it's finished processing.

Adding More Translations

Once translations have been added, you can add more translations or remove some

  • Re-open the article in Manage News
  • Click "Manage Translations"
  • Add or remove translations

Modifying Machine Translations

If required, the author can also modify the translated content by unchecking the box below (after the translation job has completed).

One you are happy with the modifications, click "Save".

Note: Pasting articles in a language other than your device language

When sharing an article in a language other than the language of your device e.g. pasting a German language article onto an English language device, the system may interpret the article as being in English and may not allow you to choose to translate to English.  Here are the steps to ensure that your article can be translated:

  • Click "New Article"
  • Before pasting any content, click "Add Translation"
  • From the pop-up window, choose the language of the article (in this case German) and then select "make default".  Click "Done"
  • You can then paste your article and continue as normal

Your article can now be translated to the language of your device.

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