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October 2021

Coming this month:

  • Video analytics for videos uploaded to Workvivo posts ! We have started capturing data already so you will have lots of great insights!

August 2021

July 2021


  • Notifications after a 'Send Push' now bring users directly to the content item, rather than the top of the activity feed, see our article on Force Push Notifications
  • A tooltip now shows the timestamp of when content was published (web only). Hover over the timestamp label, e.g. '2 days ago' to see it.
  • Comments can now be translated on your device or browser, see here for more info on translations
  • A new “Do Not Send Notification” option when publishing an article so you can choose not to issue notifications (email, mobile push or in-app notification).
  • Podcast enhancements including:
    • the ability to choose an audience (Everyone or Teams)
    • ability to edit a podcast's details
    • ability to upload a transcript of each episode to accommodate hearing impaired users (where the podcast was created from an mp3 file upload)
  • Ability to report a comment, not just a post, and ability to report anonymously
  • Ability to link to Workvivo updates, articles, etc. in Pages and Documents so that the content is opened directly in the mobile app, rather than on the device's web browser
  • A Links Widget in each space on desktop - Space Admins can set up a Links widget in their space if they like

Optional Updates:

  • A Space Approvals Process means a user can now submit a space creation request with all relevant details to a 'Space Approver' via a "Request Space" button on the web platform itself - Let us know if you would like this enabled and who the Space Approver(s) should be
  • Peer endorsements of organizational values - colleagues can endorse one another for exemplifying a value through their profile. You will receive a notification when you're endorsed
  • Option for News Article creators to mark their draft article as 'Private' so others can only see it when published - useful for sensitive or exclusive content

  • May 2021

    A new Notifications Settings screen for easier management and better visibility of what notification settings you have turned on for your Workvivo profile.

    April 2021

    April was jam-packed with new features and enhancements. These included:

    • Our new Content Analytics capabilities, allowing you to see the reach and engagement of your posts! 
    • Automatic flagging of Inappropriate Content that does not meet the Terms & Conditions of the platform. Check out our new Content Moderation capability
    • Ability to update the Main Banner from the Administration dashboard. Check out the Banner designs we have created for you for celebrating and promoting awareness days and international holidays, etc. We have banners for Pride month, Halloween, Diwali, Earth Day, and so on 
    • Updated Space Roles glossary to explain the different roles and permissions available within a Space
    • A new People Admin role that can add, edit and remove users without requiring other Admin permissions
    • In-app linking on the mobile app - users will now stay within the app if you share links to other content on Workvivo 
    • Faster image loading on mobile 
    • Ability to search within Manage News for easier article management 

  • March 2021

    • We released an upgrade of our mobile app on March 22, 2021 to all existing users! We were so thrilled to release a new version of the app in the first quarter of 2021 - it sets a strong foundation for much more capabilities and features in the future! Check out this article for more info
    • Admins can now manage Delegate Access for others

  • February 2021

    • Podcasts are now available on the mobile application! Add podcasts today for everyone to enjoy
    • Make sure no one misses out by sending a Weekly Digest from Workvivo 
    • We also made Accessibility improvements for users with visual impairments this month, see here to learn more

  • December 2020

    We are thrilled to welcome full editing capability when editing a post

    November 2020

    This month we announced our brand new UI . It included a new improved desktop look for Workvivo, Threaded Comments, Localisation advancements, Sub Spaces, Pages, Accessibility improvements and  Slack Integration improvements.

    August 2020

    This month we revealed Podcasts!

    July 2020

    Check out our Zoom Integration which easily allows you to add a Zoom link to Workvivo events. You can also launch a Zoom webinar through Workvivo on desktop as well! 

    June 2020

    Check out our new Slack Integration

    May 2020

    We are thrilled to introduce Auto-translations of Articles 

    February 2020

    This month, we released hashtags, badges AND mandatory spaces 

    January 2020

    Engaging employees with Social Advocacy

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