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Zoom Webinars

Our Zoom Webinars functionality enables colleagues to join an in-progress Zoom webinar directly through the Workvivo UI! 

We decided to build this feature because for broadcast events or webinars, not every member of the audience may be familiar with or have Zoom installed, creating a barrier to them joining the webinar and watching the broadcast.

By making it available within Workvivo, this will allow staff to join the broadcast directly from Workvivo, without needing to install Zoom.

Device(s): Desktop

Roles/Permissions: Admins can create a webinar event, any user in the Event Audience can watch

Installing the Zoom Integration

Installing the Zoom integration is simple...

  1. Click on the user icon on the top right of Workvivo, and from the menu select "Edit My Profile". 
  2. On the "Edit Profile" screen, select "Connected Apps" on the left-hand navigation menu.
  3. Next to Zoom you should see a button with the text "Connect". Clicking this will take you to Zoom to authorise Workvivo to access your Zoom account on your behalf. Click "Authorise" to grant this access, and you will be redirected back to Workvivo.
  4. Once back in Workvivo, you should now see a "Disconnect" button instead next to Zoom - this means your Zoom account has been connected successfully.

Adding a Webinar to an Event in Workvivo

Administrators on Workvivo can easily link a Zoom Webinar to an Event

  1. Create a webinar in your Zoom account, keep the Webinar ID and password close to hand for pasting into Workvivo
  2. Create a new Event in Workvivo 
  3. Check the 'Zoom Webinar' option - once selected, 2 new fields will display asking for the Zoom Webinar ID and Password.
  4. If the location wasn’t already populated before checking the ‘Zoom Webinar’ box, it will show as Zoom Webinar.
  5. Add details to your event such as Date, Summary and Description.
  6. Confirm the audience – everyone/space/teams
  7. Save

Joining a Zoom Webinar from Workvivo on Desktop

When the zoom webinar starts, it will pop up at the bottom of the Workvivo web browser for users who are in the audience of the event. Anyone who isn’t in the audience won’t be able to see it.

  • There will be a Live Now tab that users can click on.
  • Attendee do not need to have a zoom account, but they are required to have an email address to join the webinar.
  • Once they click on the Live Now section, the Zoom Webinar will display in full screen mode.
  • Before the video stream can start, the user must connect their audio.

Users can also minimize the screen and view it as a PIP (picture in picture) within Workvivo.

The PIP window can be dragged around the screen, allowing you to see and action other items at the same time. 

Note: You can only have 1 webinar event open at a time. Attempting to open additional Events will give with an Error "Before joining another event, you first need to leave or close the current event."

Happy watching!

Joining a Zoom Webinar from Workvivo on Mobile

At present on Mobile users can only access a Zoom webinar if the URL is posted as an update and they click the link. 

When you click a URL to a zoom webinar on mobile one of the following actions happen:

  1. If the user has the Zoom Mobile App installed and they are signed into their Zoom account they will be brought straight to the webinar.
  2. If the user has the Zoom Mobile App  installed but doesn't have a Zoom account they will be prompted to enter a 'Screen Name' and 'Email Address’. Once these are entered they will be able to view the Webinar.
  3. If the user doesn't have the Zoom Mobile App installed - the mobile web browser appears prompting them to download the app. Once downloaded they can access the webinar using the same screen as above.

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