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Zoom Meetings/Events

Zoom Integration Explained

The Zoom integration enables users to add a Zoom meeting to a Workvivo event. This will automatically create a Zoom meeting linked to the event, and keep the information about the event synchronized between Workvivo and Zoom when the event is changed or removed. 

When an event is created with a linked Zoom meeting - anyone who can see the event can then launch the Zoom meeting by clicking on the link displayed on the event listing.

Installation - Connecting Workvivo to Zoom

Installing the Zoom integration is simple. Click on the user icon on the top right of Workvivo, and from the menu select "Edit My Profile". On the "Edit Profile" screen, select "Connected Apps" on the left-hand navigation menu.

Next to Zoom you should see a button with the text "Connect". Clicking this will take you to Zoom to authorise Workvivo to access your Zoom account on your behalf. Click "Authorise" to grant this access, and you will be redirected back to Workvivo.

Once back in Workvivo, you should now see a "Disconnect" button instead next to Zoom - this means your Zoom account has been connected successfully.

Using our Zoom Integration in Workvivo Events

Adding/Removing a Zoom Meeting on a Workvivo Event

The Zoom integration for Workvivo enables users to add a Zoom meeting to a Workvivo event. Once your Zoom account is connected, you will now be able to add Zoom meetings to events in Workvivo.

  1. To create an event, navigate to the News tab in the navigation bar at the top of Workvivo
  2. On the right hand side, in the Events widget, you will see a cog icon that enables you to manage events
  3. From this screen you can click "New Event" to create a new event, or click "Edit" next to an existing event to modify an event
  4. On the Create/Edit Event form, you should now see a new option that enables you to add/remove a Zoom meeting to an event
  5. When you are creating a new event or editing an event that does not already have a Zoom meeting linked, you will see an option to add one as illustrated in the screenshot below.

To add a Zoom meeting, simply check the box and when you save the event a Zoom meeting will be created with the same title, description and scheduling information as the Workvivo event.

When you are editing an existing event that already has a Zoom meeting linked, you will see the Zoom Meeting ID and an option to remove the Zoom meeting from the event, as shown in the screenshot below.

Clicking the "Remove" button will delete the meeting on Zoom and its link to the Workvivo event.

Note that when a Zoom meeting is linked to a Workvivo event, any changes to that event will automatically be sent to Zoom to keep it synchronised. If you delete the event in Workvivo, the meeting will also be deleted in Zoom.

Launching a Zoom Meeting from a Workvivo Event

When a Zoom meeting has been added to a Workvivo event, users will see an "Open in Zoom" link anywhere they see that event. Clicking this link will launch Zoom and open the meeting that is linked to the event.

Uninstallation - Disconnecting Zoom from Workvivo

To uninstall or remove the Zoom integration from your Workvivo account, follow the same steps as to install. Navigate to "Edit My Profile" from the user icon on the top right of Workvivo. In here, navigate to "Connected Apps" on the left hand side.

Next to Zoom you should see a button with the text "Disconnect". Clicking this will remove the association between your Workvivo and Zoom accounts, and you will no longer be able to use the Zoom features of Workvivo.

If you uninstall the integration by mistake, you can easily re-install it by clicking the "Connect" button and following the Installation steps again.

Deauthorizing Workvivo in the Zoom Marketplace

  1. Log in to your Zoom Account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace.
  2. Click Manage > Installed Apps or search for the Workvivo app.
  3. Click the Workvivo app.
  4. Click Uninstall.


If you don't see a "Connected Apps" option in the "Edit My Profile" screen, or if Zoom isn't one of the options available in the "Connected Apps" screen, this means that your organisation has not enabled the Zoom integration in Workvivo. Please contact the Workvivo administrator in your organisation to arrange having this enabled.

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