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Our new Desktop Web UI - Dec 2020

Finding More Info on New Features

To see the individual articles and sections linked from this page, sign into your Workvivo Knowledge Base account at

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Sample Graphics to Communicate the Changes

To make the communication of changes as easy as possible, we have created some sample imagery and videos

  • Feature Imagery: check out the imagery below and attached to introduce new features.
  • Countdown and Launch Imagery and Videos: check out some cool images and videos to count down the launch of the new Web UI here. Here's an example:

We have also created helpful step by step guides that you could use in articles and posts to show your teams how to to use the new features. Check out the links below. To see the individual articles and sections linked from this page, sign into your Workvivo Knowledge Base account at

Apps & Documents

Our previous App Launcher displayed apps and documents beside each other under one location. We noticed that discoverability and navigation of resources was confusing at times so we have built two new sections on our web navigation bar - Apps and Documents. 

Note: Apps and Documents are still accessed using the 4 square icon on mobile.

  • Within Apps, Categories can be added for better organization and productivity, such as "People Resources" for annual leave apps, LMS, careers portal, etc.
  • Apps can be "Featured" to draw people's attention and to improve accessibility.
    You will also notice a better folder structure within both Apps and Document. Copy and share the direct links to folders and their contents with colleagues for quicker discovery.
  • For information on Adding Apps check out this article.
  • For information on Adding Documents check out this article.

Sticky Sidebars and Featured Story Carousel

You will notice when you scroll down the activity feed, the sidebars at either side of the activity feed remain static, making sure your personal and organizational info stay accessible as you scroll.

Multiple news stories can now be added as Hero Articles and the Featured News widget rotates every so often, making sure that spotlighted articles have a greater reach.

Note: For responsiveness across desktop devices, the cover image requirements have changed slightly. 

  • Dimensions: 800px x 330px (Safe Space for text and important elements of an image: 490px x 330px)
  •  File type: .png, .jpg

For more info on article cover images and other customization options, check out the Customising Workvivo for your Brand article.

Threaded Comments

Sparking conversation, the sharing of knowledge and positive connections is important in every organization - and there's no easier way than with threaded comments! People can now reply directly to each other in Workvivo comment threads on both web and mobile.

For more information on threaded comments and tagging colleagues, check out this article.


We have advanced the localization of Workvivo to cater for our growing international user base by adding 32 new languages! Key labels in Workvivo will now automatically display in your browser's default language e.g. button text, navigation labels. This complements our platform's translation of updates that are posted in a different language to your own. Localization of the UI and translation of updates helps create a fully contextualized and localized experience for your global or multi-lingual workforce.

For more information on Translations and Localization, check out this article.

Sample cover image for a Post or Article:

Space Navigation Refresh

We have updated the layout of Spaces and how users navigate Spaces, using a horizontal navigation bar in the Space Header. The increased canvas size promotes features like Space News, Events, and more, with the ultimate goal of increasing member engagement and the feeling of belonging within Spaces. Space Owners/Admins can continue to manage their space through the Admin menu which is tucked away behind an "Admin" button. 

For more information on space roles and space administration, click here.

Sub Spaces

Many of your organization’s Spaces may be related to each other in some way e.g. you might have similar affinity group spaces for each region. We are thrilled to introduce Sub Spaces which allows the creation of a parent child relationship between spaces, simplifying navigation. Once setup, you can view a space's Sub Spaces and easily navigate from one space to another.

The Sub Spaces hierarchy is fully customizable by the Space Owners/Admins of those spaces. For more information on Sub Spaces check out this article.

Sample cover image for a Post or Article:


We heard that key content creators had nowhere to publish content that rarely changes, such as training material, company information, etc. so we developed Space Pages to support static, structured content within Spaces.

Pages come with a full suite of editing tools which let Space Owners/Admins easily create and customise Pages to match your brand guidelines.

For more information check out Pages here.

Sample cover image for a Post or Article:


We are committed to making our platform fully accessible to every user. We have worked with an experienced accessibility agency to improve the screen reader and keyboard navigation for people with visual impairments. We are also creating internal guidelines to help improve our development frameworks that will enable our engineers to always build fully accessible features.

Slack Integration

If teams within your organization already use Slack, you can now take advantage of our Slack integration, which allows employees to send direct messages to colleagues via Workvivo, and continue the conversation on Slack.

We have nested a shortcut to Slack's core instant messaging functionality in a subtle and convenient way so that employees can message colleagues on Slack from their Workvivo profile, on both web and mobile!

To promote the sharing of good news stories and team updates, you can also share content directly from your Workvivo feed to your Slack channels.

Find out more about our Slack Integration and how to get started in this article.


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