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Cross-posting from Slack and Workvivo

Our Slack Integration gives you the ability to

  • share Workvivo posts as a message on Slack
  • share Slack messages to Workvivo

These features are available provided you have connected your Slack account to Workvivo.

Posting to Slack from Workvivo

On existing Workvivo posts, you will now have the option to “Share on Slack” which will send that post over as a message into a Slack channel of your choosing.

  • All content including images from the Workvivo post will be shared into Slack
  • You can share a new post to Slack automatically by including #slack in the text body of the post

Posting to Workvivo from Slack

You can share an existing Slack message on Workvivo using the Slack action menu on the message. This will support any message type on Slack, including images.

  • You can create a new Workvivo post on Slack using the /workvivo slash command on Slack.

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