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New-look Mobile App release on 22 March 2021

We released an upgrade of our mobile app on March 22, 2021 to all existing users!

We were so thrilled to release a new version of the app in the first quarter of 2021 - it sets a strong foundation for much more capabilities and features in the future!

We focused on improving navigation and layout for an overall more user-friendly and intuitive experience. In addition to the upgraded look and feel, this new iteration of the app will allow Workvivo to add new features much more quickly in the future. The new framework also allows centralised control and ensures consistency across the app.

Check out our 30min webinar recording here for a walkthrough:

We've recorded a short demo video of the Mobile App for you to share with your team. You can download a copy of the video hereor you can watch it below;

Highlights of the Mobile App

App Navigation

There is an easy-access panel with a number of tabs taking you to Spaces, People, Events, Apps, Documents, etc. Click on the hamburger button on the top left of the screen. 

Spotlight Screen

This surfaces new content for you to see including Featured Stories (Hero Articles), Featured Podcast, new Articles and upcoming Events, that otherwise you may have missed

Simpler Space Navigation

The space activity feed is front and center on the mobile app. Space navigation is simpler with key content types and other sections available through the ellipsis button in the top right corner

Post from Anywhere

The bottom navigation bar now follows you around the app, making it easier to post an update at any time. Click on the + button to post an update

Promoting the Mobile App

Promote the mobile app throughout the year! Here are some sample posts:

  1. Stay connected with colleagues and always get the latest news and updates straight to your mobile! Download the Workvivo mobile app today from the App Store, log in and join the conversation!
  2. Build your community and stay connected on the go - download the Workvivo mobile app today from the App Store

Understanding Mobile Usage

To determine the split between mobile and desktop usage of Workvivo in your organisation today, as an Admin you can:

  1. Go to User Menu
  2. Click Analytics
  3. filter Period on 'Last 28 days'
  4. change the 'Usage by' drop-down to Device Type
  5. see the % of use that has been via the mobile app recently in the chart

More Info

For any questions, reach out to your Customer Experience Manager.


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