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Learning & Development

Why not set up a dedicated Learning & Development space where everyone is enrolled or people can choose to join.

Highlight career progression opportunities, career advice.

Space Content

You could highlight L&D initiatives through various content types:


  • monthly training theme
  • quarterly focus e.g. modules available
  • spotlight on someone who has achieved accreditation / pursued further education, what they have achieved by having that training

Space Documents

  • Share reference materials, rather than uploading a doc you could link to SharePoint for example
  • Info on L&D Team - set as featured document


  • Calendar of upcoming events e.g. Mandatory / Compliance training, Webinars
  • In-person training sessions
  • Events can link to external sites / external registration sitesĀ 


  • Certifications received
  • Thanks to facilitators


  • Key takeaways from sessions
  • Collect ideas for future sessions / book of modules
  • Mandatory / Compliance training reminders
    Housekeeping reminders


  • This could give context, set out L&D strategy, who are the L&D team, etc.


Badges are a great way to recognize individuals who have completed training or who are L&D leads or ambassadors within your organization. Examples:

  • Learning Champions
  • X Certified
  • X Subject Matter Expert

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