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On-screen Translations

Workvivo supports on-screen translation for the following user-generated content types: updates and shout-outs.

If these are posted in a different language to the chosen web browser language or the mobile device language settings, users will have a 'See Translation' option below the post text.

Device(s): desktop, mobile app

Role(s): All users

The Technology

Workvivo uses the Amazon Text Translation service to support on-screen translations on our platform (web and mobile app). Amazon Translate uses advanced machine learning technologies to provide high-quality translation on demand. 

The full list of languages for the Amazon service are available here. Please note that the Workvivo engineering team must complete an exercise when a new language appears in Amazon's list. The addition is not instantaneous so please let us know if a translation doesn't appear to be supported in Workvivo yet.

Viewing Translations for Updates or Shout-outs

In this example, the update message is in German and the Browser language is English.

  1. Type your update e.g. German
  2. When posted, the "See Translation" button appears underneath
  3. When you click this, the translation appears in the browser language e.g. English

Translation appears underneath:

How to set up your Language preferences on Chrome

Navigate to Settings in Chrome. Language settings is displayed under Advanced settings

You can then re-order your language preferences using the 3 dots next to each language.

Make sure that the Language that you want to see in the UI is at the top of the list. e.g. If you want French, make sure that is at the top of the list. Once this is done, the platform will start to come to life in your preferred language.

If we do not support your number 1 preference we will display the next language in your list that we support.


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