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Workvivo delivers engaging communication for a distributed workforce. This Article highlights some of the top Features on Workvivo.

Activity Feed

A familiar, personalized activity feed where you can read and post content with images, videos and attachments. You can also Like, Comment and Share content with others.

An informed workforce

Keep every employee up to speed on latest developments, activities, events and news

A voice for everyone

Level the playing field for people of differing roles, locations, cultures or personalities. Everyone can have a say

The power of collective positivity

Share positive news, stories and activities across the organization or teams. Important for employee engagement

Goals and Values

Bring company goals and values alive with quick and easy links to posts.

Strategic alignment

Provide an intuitive way for employees to align their daily activities to company goals and values through content posting and sharing

Focus on the overall objective

Ensure all employees live and breathe the company objectives by seeing real examples of this every day from others


Give an employee, space or team well-deserved public recognition using shout-outs, awards and badges.


Associate a content post with a particular person or group to publicly recognize a job well done

Celebrate individual or team achievements

Recognized employees or teams can see follow-on comments from others reinforcing the recognition. That's a powerful motivator


Establish an Awards system where people or teams can be nominated to receive an award either from management or their peers

Collaboration Spaces

Collaborate with colleagues across locations and departments using Spaces.

Work together in public or private spaces

Create spaces of common interest, both company and private spaces, to enable employees to interact and collaborate

Multi-space content

Content posted to your spaces also appears in your personal activities feed, providing a highly personal experience


Out of the box integration with other communication apps and content management systems including Sharepoint, Slack, Zoom, Teams. Centralized access to apps and content directly from the activity feed

Real-time chat integration with Slack and Teams

Seamlessly communicate through best of breed messaging technology direct from the activity feed

Get the bigger picture with Zoom

Embed Zoom meeting invites and initiate meetings directly from content posts and news and events postings such as Town Halls

Bringing engagement to your CMS

Quick access to content from most of the popular content management systems


Analyze behaviors such as active users, logins, posts, likes, shout-outs and comments to see trends over time, by location, department, or time of day. Create pulse surveys to get frequent and relevant employee feedback.

Take the pulse of the organization

Quick and easy surveys enable frequent pulse checks on employee sentiment and garner valuable feedback from employees

Report on engagement, interaction and sentiment

Sophisticated analytics engine provides key insights into employee engagement sliced in many different ways

Social Advocacy

Amplify specific internal content by enabling employees to share to their personal social channels such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Amplify your message through your workforce

Use the power of your employees' social networks to get good news out there virally

Reach audiences never before possible

Share on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Weibo

Share on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Weibo

One-click sharing across all the major social channels simultaneously

Branded App

Utilize the most customizable communication platform. Almost everything can be tailored to your organization’s branding, from logos and background images to labels and colors.

Completely tailored to your organization's brand

You get to decide how the platform will look to your employees. A strong way to reinforce brand and tone across the business.

More Features

Native Mobile Apps

Workvivo is available for download as a native mobile app on iOS and Android devices from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


People Directory & Organizational Chart

A powerful search capability and profile photos makes it easy to find who you are looking for. Navigate your way around the directory using our organization chart.



Automatically celebrate colleague work anniversaries and birthdays, and greet new colleagues each week on “Welcome Wednesday”.


Broadcast Alerts

Broadcast important alerts and messages via mobile push notifications and emails to individuals, teams or even the entire organisation at the click of a button.


Administration Console

Manage every part of the Workvivo platform from a single administration console. From configuration to moderation, you are in complete control.


Custom Domain

Deploy Workvivo on a custom domain name as standard, with full TLS encryption using certificates provisioned by us or provided by you.


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