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Incident Prioritisation and Response Times

Incident Prioritisation

Each Incident is given a priority of 1, 2 or 3 (“Priority”) based on the severity of the Incident and the Services being provided. Each Incident will be assigned an initial Priority by the Customer. This initial Priority will then be validated by Help Desk personnel who will notify Customer in the case of any proposed change of priority.    

Incident First Response Times

The Response times for each Incident based on Priority are outlined below. The times below are the elapsed period from the time the Incident was logged until the Incident is first responded to by Help Desk personnel.

  • Priority P1 (Critical) - 1 hr
  • Priority P2 (Significant Impact) - 4 hrs
  • Priority P3 (Minimal Impact) - 2 days

We aim to give regular updates to customers e.g. hourly updates on P1 Incidents.

Incident Time to Fix Target

The Time to Fix Target is outlined in our Support Policy, issued to each Customer, and as a result, this may vary.

  • Priority P1 (Critical) - 4 hrs
  • Priority P2 (Significant Impact) - 1 business day
  • Priority P3 (Minimal Impact) - 10 business days
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