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  • Customizing Workvivo for your Brand

    Customisation of Workvivo begins by tailoring the platform to match your organisation’s brand, including colours, logos

  • Activity

    Access the Activity homepage and immerse yourself in content on the Activity Feed

  • Posting Content

    From updates, value updates, shout-outs, to polls, Workvivo enables dynamic content to engage your audience!

  • Automated Content

    Unleash the power of Workvivo's content generation capabilities by enabling automated welcome and work anniversary posts

  • News Articles and Stories

    Add your latest news and articles to Workvivo.

  • Events

    Add events on Workvivo for your employees to check out what is happening!

  • Podcasts

    Podcasts are a great way to keep people up to date on the latest action from around your organization. Having the abilit

  • Polls

    Collect feedback and gauge sentiment quickly (and anonymously) through our polls feature

  • Moderation & Posting Controls

    Ensure appropriate use and behaviour on the platform.

  • Workvivo Mobile App

    Download the Workvivo app from the App Store and stay connected on the go

  • How-To Videos (Mobile)

  • People Directory

    Provides a smartly designed Directory with full team and profile information allowing employees to get to know each othe

  • Spaces

    Within each Space, there is a number of collaborative features. This topic covers these features in details and also pro

  • External Contributors

    With Workvivo's External Spaces, you can invite external contributors to receive and share information and content with

  • Apps and Documents

    Workvivo can function as your employee digital portal or gateway easily. The App Launcher is a window into the key syste

  • Goals / Values

    Bring your organization's goals and values to life through Workvivo!

  • Search

    Search across the Workvivo platform using our search capabilities

  • Analytics

    Accessing reports and analytics on Workvivo

  • User Access and Management

    Onboarding process and ways to manage user roles and permissions, passwords, etc.

  • Password Management

    Steps to help you update or reset a password

  • Service Accounts & Delegated Users

    Other user types explained

  • Live Streaming

  • Awards

    Use our Awards feature for employee recognition

  • Badges

    Create and assign badges for employee recognition or to identify affinity group advocates or specially trained team memb

  • Peer Endorsement

    Endorse a peer for demonstration of your organizational values or for excelling in a particular skill.

  • Pulse Surveys

    Pulse Surveys are a key component of Workvivo's employee engagement measurement capabilities as you can easily check the

  • Social Advocacy

    Incorporate Workvivo in your social advocacy programme. Leverage employees’ social channels to amplify the reach of your

  • Notifications

    Manage your Email & Mobile Push Notifications to maximise your Workvivo experience.

  • Translations & Localization

    Make communication easier and more engaging than ever with Workvivo's platform localization, auto-translation of article

  • TV Dashboards

    Coming in early 2022! Leverage Workvivo's Dashboard feature to increase the reach of your company news and team stories

  • Security

    Exploring some of the most common vulnerabilities and how we address these.

  • Data Privacy

    Workvivo is fully GDPR compliant.